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AHA/BHA Clarifying Toner 200ml, Glycolic Acid 7% + Salicylic Acid 0.5% - Acne Face Wash + Removing Dead Skin Cells, 200ml
PRODUCTS FEATURES Salicylic Acid is an excellent chemical exfoliant that penetrates skin. Not only does it help soften skin, but it works to slough away layers of dead skin cells on top of the skin, leaving you with a smoother,...
BHA Salicylic Acid 4% Exfoliant Serum 1oz with Niacinamide - Acne Spot Treatment + Redness Relief
What is Cos De BAHA Salicylic Acid 4% Serum?  The effects of Salicylic Acid are beyond description. Salicylic Acid takes some time to absorb and act on the skin, so it does not show immediate effect. But once it's absorbed into...
Azelaic Acid 10% Serum 30ml with Niacinamide - Acne Scar Removal + Redness Relief Face
Azelaic acid has anti-inflammatory effects on the skin (reducing redness and swelling in acne-prone skin) in addition to reducing the production of keratin – a protein which can block pores and lead to acne. It can be used in the...
Vitamin C Serum 30ml Ascorbic Acid 15% + Panthenol - Korean Skin Care for Fades Age Spot
Vitamin C is touted as one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market — and the key to maintaining a smooth, even, and glowy complexion. Vitamin C has an excellent safety profile. Most people can use topical vitamin C...
BHA Salicylic Acid 2% Exfoliant Liquid 4oz with Niacinamide - Acne Spot Treatment + Redness Relief + Pore Minimizer + Pore Cleaner + Alcohol Free, 4oz (120ml)
  What is Cos De BAHA Salicylic Acid 2% Liquid?  The effects of Salicylic Acid are beyond description. Salicylic Acid takes some time to absorb and act on the skin, so it does not show immediate effect. But once it's absorbed into the...
Snail Mucin Power Serum 120ml w Niacinamide 2% - Morning Recovery, Remedy Skin Repair
The holy grail essence that provides intense hydration while repairing irritated skin from dry patches to acne scars. With 83% of Snail Secretion Filtrate, this essence keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day while revitalizing the skin. Gentle enough for...
Vitamin B5 4% + Hyaluronic Acid Serum 30ml - Hydrating Face + Anti Wrinkle, D-Panthenol
  One of the hottest products on the market currently is Vitamin B5 for sale. Vitamin B5 serum benefits your skin in many ways, helping to moisturize, heal and smooth the skin, along with increasing elasticity to provide a huge...
Korean Skin Care Galactomyces 94% Treatment Essence Serum 30ml w 2% Niacinamide
PRODUCTS BENEFITS : reduce the size of enlarged pores Hyperpigmentation and dark spots Uneven skin texture skin to brighten reducing signs of aging   SPECIFICATION Brand - Cos De BAHA Volume: 30ml / 1.05 fl oz Product name - Galatomyces 94...
Niacinamide 5% Toner 200ml w Panthenol 1% - Korean Skin Care for Pore Minimizer, 200ml
PRODUCTSFEATURES Skin Benefits of TheMagical Ingredient Niacinamide (Not just for lightening and brightening). Weadded 5% to enhance the functionality. It’s also good for acne and breakouts.Niacinamide is an exceptional skin care ingredient because it can treat nearlyany skin concern. It...
Peptide Cream 50ml w Matrixyl 3000 & Argireline - Korean Skin Care for Anti Wrinkles
PRODUCTS FEATURES Our Matrixyl +  Argireline formulation is the only peptide cream on the market to combine a professional-grade peptide complex with pure concentrated chamomile extract, a natural ingredient that helps to sooth the skin and to reduce inflammation. In addition,...

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